Perfection: The Enemy of Wholeness

August 31, 2019 1 min read

Perfect. When do we reach for it? It is something I think about when I consider “What is Health?” Is perfection ever the goal? And what does ‘perfection’ mean anyway?

There are certainly times when it is the goal: If you're an athlete, a sniper, a driver in the Indy 500, or a pilot. But when it comes to whole health or to life in general, I just don’t think it fits.

I’m reading a book called Falling Upward by Richard Rohr that is about the second half of life and how to live it. I love this quote: “Psychological wholeness and spiritual holiness never exclude the problem from the solution. If it is wholeness, then it is always paradoxical and holds both the dark and light sides of things.”

Whole health and the journey toward it is going to force us to encounter struggle, or the dark side of things. Without the darkness we cannot get to the light. I believe there must be a juxtaposition in order for us to see the path at all. We need the contrast and we need to learn to rise, to get back up after a fall.

Inherent in that process is the lesson that perfection isn’t part of the conversation. 

Haven’t you found in your life that your best lessons have been forged by the dark times, the struggle? I believe it is a glorious journey to wholeness and yes, it does take courage to walk it.

Of course we want to be our very best but in order to find our way to wholeness, we must leave space for imperfection. 

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