Resources and Tools to Keep Sane During Isolation

March 30, 2020 3 min read

Crunch List – Resources for Staying at Home and Keeping Sane



  • Onnit6
    • 6-week online training offering four different options of kettlebell, steel mace, bodyweight (great if you have no weights at home), and barbell
  • Durable Athlete
    • Custom online programming, personal training and more
    • Free 7-day Mobility Workout
  • Black Swan Yoga
    • Donation based yoga, great instructors
  • Natalie Higby on Instagram (also co-founder of Durable Athlete)
    • 14-day free bodyweight program (DM her with your email)
    • Live workouts on Zoom, MWF at 11:30 – Donation Based
  • Eric Leija’s Kettlebell program and more
    • Also on Instagram at primal.swoledier
  • Serpentine Studies - I have been following Imaya on Instagram (@serpentine.studies) for a bit, pining to be able to move that way!  for a bit and finally I get to try it. I am not good yet but it is fun. It will take practice. 
    • The online course is about $11. 


  • Insight Timer
    • Thousands of free meditations from great instructors
  • - Creating a Home Retreat
  • Kirtan Kundalini
    • This is new for me and very different, but what the heck, it’s a good time to try new things. I’m doing this with a group in the mornings and digging it. This is the link to a 62-minute meditation but there are different lengths available (6, 11, 31, minutes).
  • B Zen Wellness for free weekly yin yoga, pranayama, and meditation on Instagram @BZenWellness. 
  • Through the Veil 4-week meditation/visualization course. Use code FFS to get $25 off = total of $25 for entire course. 

People to Check Out

  • Erick Godsey
    • One of my favorite people in the world, this man has a deep knowledge of the human psyche and is offering so much free advice through his weekday Instagram lives @erickgodsey.
    • Check out his blog to learn how to use writing and journaling for growth, deep-dives into your own psyche, and healing.
  • Aubrey Marcus
    • Aubrey is offering daily Instagram lives @aubreymarcus
  • Breathwork
    • Breathwork is deeply healing, especially for trauma.
    • Check out the amazing breathwork instructor Claudia Nanino. She is offering some virtual group breathwork sessions and also private sessions if you are so inclined.
  • Peter Attia
    • My favorite medical podcast, The Drive.
    • IG: @peterattiamd
  • Kaveh Kavoosi
    • ER Doc on the front lines and sharing all he knows with us.
    • Instagram is @kavehkavoosi
  • Holly Whitaker
    • If you are trying to stay sober or not drink too much, etc., check out Holly Whitaker’s website Hip Sobriety or her IG @Holly Whitaker. 



Book Recommendations


  • Zero – Fasting Tracker
  • Insight Timer for meditation
  • Zoom - Most people use Zoom for online meetings. You can download the free version and schedule online meetings with family and friends. Just schedule your meeting, copy the link, and text it to your folks and voilà, faces in front of you!

Shows and Movies

  • The Tiger King (Netflix) - Truly bizarre but hard to put down. It's an exploration into the strange world of big cat breeding. 
  • My Brilliant Friend (HBO) - I'm smitten with this series depicting two female friends coming of age in 1950's Naples Italy. In my opinion, beautifully acted and lovely writing that does not depend on exposition. 


  • Have a daily routine.
    • Wake at the same time
    • Morning routine such as:
      • movement
      • journaling
      • meditation
    • Shower and get out of pj's.
    • Work
      • If you are out of work do something that feeds your soul like writing, reading, learning a new language (Pimsleur), painting, drawing, singing, learning new things, cleaning out closets, etc;
    • Exercise
    • Get outside! Sunlight is so good for us and helps with circadian rhythm. 

Notes of Inspiration